The Single Most Powerful Social Law.

A mere opinion, by its very nature of composition, is powerless against the mighty facts. Just by denying an indisputable existence, refuting a sound idea or turning a blind eye to an obvious truth does not make these any less substantial or meaningful. What’s right will remain right regardless of the magnitude of opposition, the intensity of distortions in the ineffectively crafted opinions and the time period for which a fact is consistently tried to be polluted.

Although, the idea mentioned above may seem quite obvious to some, it’s not something really ingrained in our thought processes. If we really believed in it, we would not let ourselves get influenced by meaningless opinions. The idea holds significant implications in the way we approach life.

Let’s take a simple example: a person, over a period of time, gets to know his strengths and weaknesses and works on them collectively to become an improved person than he was some years ago. Due to this experience, he knows what his strengths and limitations are and what he is really capable of doing. This knowledge was not available to him prior to this transformation. Now, the people around him who are not aware of this transformation would be fairly ignorant of the process of self-awareness that this certain person has gone through. Their opinions of him will undermine his true capabilities that he actually knows he possesses. These opinions, will, in fact, be quite contradictory to the fact about himself that the person is aware of.

The example above elucidates that opinions are, for a large majority of instances, formed out of ignorance.  Though, notwithstanding the inherent superiority of facts, there is one point that needs to be considered in order to nail the idea down and ensure its practical use in your life. Self-awareness needs to be at a good enough level for you to ignore opinions that are there to thwart your ambitions. You should be fully aware of yourself and know with firm believe that your own thought process is not affected greatly by anti-logic factors like excessive emotions. You need to also be critical to verify the validity of the opinion and whether it is rooted in sound factual basis. This realization is not as easy to acquire as it seems and requires a whole another discussion which is now saved for a later date.

If you extend the example’s premise to other areas of life, I believe, you can equip yourself to see through a lot of seemingly complicated issues with much clarity. And thus, to take the effectiveness of your decisions to new heights, the same law can surely come handy.

To put it in a nutshell, an opinion is what somebody thinks or perceives at a given moment in time, which is quite fickle; a fact is something concrete that has its foundations rooted in unquestionable truth.

So, every statement that you come across in your social interactions is either an opinion or a fact. What is a fact can never be just termed as an opinion and vice versa. You can filter out everything that’s being said around you with this clear distinction mechanism. This is what will make you formidable in your social presence.

Let us now take a vow: As I continue exploring the path to ultimate self-discovery, never will I ever let some hollow opinions stop me in my tracks!

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