What Is More Important Than Even Yourself?

I have always held the view that nurturing himself/herself should always be a person’s top priority. It is only through pursuit of excellence in every facet of one’s personality that a person can hope to be of value to other people around him.

But what is the thing that is, or at least should be, of extreme significance to you? What is it that holds a place so high that it’s even more important than your own self?

Your goal.

Like the common corporate phrase, ‘best for business’, runs a company’s affairs, it is what’s best for the goal that should be of utmost importance to your existence. If you intend to develop yourself, setting a goal is the only proven way forward and while you wish to speed up the process, associate your goal with a feeling of sacred nobility; something for which you will burn all the bridges.

The fact that one has not yet achieved his goal means that he has not yet fulfilled all the requirements necessary for its achievement. By the time you succeed in turning that vision into reality, you will be a completely different person than you are today as that is what’s required of you. This is an inevitable element of the entire process. It is better to come at terms with this inescapable reality now instead of wasting time on becoming a roadblock to your own journey.

Care more about achieving the goal than looking good – Ray Dalio

Why is the goal more important than you? Because chasing your big mission requires taking the plunge into the dirt, getting your hands dirty in the process and doing all the cringe-worthy things that you would usually run away from. But that’s the unavoidable ingredient that makes up the entire trial. Reaching the light at the end essentially requires passing through the darkness of the tunnel.

Set the goal above everything else and prepare for a ride so challenging, yet profoundly fulfilling, that  you will find yourself in a tug of war everyday: either throwing in the towel or getting one step closer to your destiny. I hope you are sure what you would do in that moment.

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