Read This To Avoid ‘Mental Obesity’!

‘Every action has an equal and opposite reaction’, is the irrefutable law of nature and as far as TRP goes, so is the following:

Your entire existence is a function of all your consumption. What you consume is what you become.

What is more easily understood, or at least, more commonly fully realized is what is consumed by your body. The more neglected branch of your consumption’s effects is that of your mind and soul. Moreover, what acts as consumption for your soul is something more intangible and quite subjective. What’s more practically understandable is what is consumed by your mind and its subsequent effects. As the following lines would suggest, mental consumption can be the most powerful as well.

The fact that what you keep feeding your mind with over an extended period time actually starts to show in your personality, by itself, is something that can’t be emphasized enough.  If you keep stuffing your mind with something that goes against your personal plan, you would find yourself hating your very being. It will seep into your personality through subconscious and eventually become a part of what makes you whole.

What happens in your mind will always remain of paramount importance. This also brings us to another key takeaway  that it’s always about taming and overwhelming your own mind with such brute force that it becomes enslaved to your wishes. Every target that you set for yourself requires from you to convince your mind of its irreplaceable necessity in your life.

Thus, it’s only imperative that one carefully examines what goes into his mind. That whatever you set out to do in life, conditioning your mind will always remain the first and the most significant step of the whole endeavor.

And that’s where mental consumption comes into play. Generally speaking, a sound advice would be to keep an unwavering eye on what enters your mind. At other times, when you have decided to direct your energies to pursue a specific goal, then right course of action would be to consciously fill your mind up with elements that help you get in the ‘right frame of mind’ for the goal. This would include feeding your mind with everything that directly, or indirectly, relates to that goal until you get into that ‘zone’ where your productivity improves immensely.

Never fall prey to uncontrolled mental consumption for it will make you mentally obese. And it happens without you even realizing it. What’s more? You don’t even see it with your eyes. The gut that extends out excessively is quite visible but the mental fat is nowhere to be seen but only if you have a knack for recognizing it.

To close it off, TRP demands a vow. Are you ready?

I will always stay mindful of all the avenues through which my mind consumes, being consciously aware of what I watch, read, listen to, think and, as a consequence of it all, perceive!

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