The Key To Achieve Pure Satisfaction!

Like everything valuable and worth attaining, being satisfied truly deserves a considerable effort towards its achievement. But before we really get into it, let’s make a clear distinction between satisfaction and complacency. To strive for satisfaction we do not, by any measure, mean being complacent. Complacency kills one’s lively spirit long before the natural destined time for it.

Now that we have settled this important distinction, what really is the key to satisfaction? How to befriend that inner petulant child that feels disturbed every time when poked by surrounding entities? What actually is the seed through which that state of serenity originates?

Let’s see what causes dissatisfaction and then get right down to TRP’s solution to the problem. What becomes apparent after some thoughtful observation is that it’s the left over pieces of one’s untapped potential that eat up his spirit, ensuring its gradual expiration. That is what leads to indirectly letting yourself down.


“To achieve a fulfilled state of inner satisfaction (and not only its façade) that also sustains itself eternally, one must give his all to everything that he does on the daily basis down to the precision of the smallest seemingly insignificant act.”

That’s it. The rule that you should engrave in your mind, cement in your memory and flawlessly tie to your personality. Remember, it’s easier said than done but what peak is worth conquering that is not laden with challenging obstacles every step of the way.

For each of your actions, when you exhaust all the resources at your disposal, there’s no possible outcome but to feel calmness flow through you.  When you don’t, you leave a trace of unconsumed energy within you that keeps pinching your spirit incessantly.

What one must not forget, and which is mentioned in the rule as well, is that it applies to literally everything that you do. From meeting a person, to your daily responsibilities and to your long term goals, apply the rule and witness its magic. You don’t even have to be extremely goal oriented to relate to this. TRP says: it’s a universal law which would prove to stand the test of a million varying situations.

Another very important point that demands your consideration here is how would you even know when you have reached the threshold of your energy? When there’s nothing left in the reserves to utilize? And when you don’t have any more ability to push yourself further?

That is something which deserves a separate post altogether. Wait for it! Until then, try putting this rule to practice.

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