“Everything is an Art” AND How to Get Better At It!

This is one of those ideas that will massively increase the impact of your actions and open up countless new opportunities for you to explore. This is what will flood you with energy, a youthful exuberance that will stay with you forever until you lose this little nugget.

As opposed to science which is factual and can’t be altered, art is purely subjective. In other words, it is at one’s disposal to be explored, explained at will, molded into whatever one wants it to be rendering it to become limitless.


Connecting this characteristic of art to your reality can be of great help to you. All your personal behaviors can be termed as art, subsequently implying that they are skills ready for you to be taken to the next level. For example, you get angry easily? Consider it an art and improve your anger management over time; you tend to lose focus? It’s an art to stay focused so you might as well spend time practicing it; you can’t speak in public? It means you need to master the art of public speaking; the list goes on and on: you don’t talk a lot, you keep strategizing but never reach its implementation, you’re not funny, you have uncontrolled eating habits, you’re not articulate in your speech, you’re not good at writing, you tend to waste your time on non-productive activities etc.

Side-note: The behaviors mentioned above are some absolutely negative and some just a matter of subjective importance for every person. It doesn’t mean that you should strive for perfection in everything but pick the right ones for yourself to make a part of your personality.

Each of your behaviors, personal attributes and characteristics can be seen through the lens of art, which in turn will show you a skill waiting for you to be worked upon and improved. Thus, to emphasize it again, when you identify every behavior and your personality traits as art, it means that they can be honed, excelled at and mastered. It is of utmost importance to make yourself consciously realize that. You’d think that you have this idea ingrained in you already. I’m sure there must be at least more than a few things that you can think of right now to change in yourself. What about all the things that you want to do and goals that you want to accomplish or simply, the person that you want to become? This is where this tiny sentence in the title comes to your rescue.

After having really understood that everything within you, and around, is an art, there is one obvious question that stems from this proposition. It is about the refreshing implications this realization can have on your practical life and that’s what is going to be talked about below:

  • The Ability to Do Anything You Want.

Equipped with the understanding that every behavior and attribute is a skill that can be developed into a quality of personal strength, you become increasingly confident in your abilities to do anything that you dream of doing. It only becomes a matter of time that it takes for you to work on your art, to become a champion at that skill.

It is also after this realization that you start prioritizing between all these different skills rigorously, devoting much of your time and energy to the skills that you deem the most important for you. What you can’t forget here is that there are other troublemakers on your path to excellence such as procrastination, fragile will, inability to make decisions etc., that need to be separately addressed along the way.

  • Unlock Innumerable Opportunities.

Imagine right now that you are capable of doing everything. Let’s not think about the bigger goals but the smaller behaviors (like the ones mentioned in the introduction) and try to imagine that the power to turn each of your negative quality lies in the palm of your hands. Imagine that if you wanted to control your will power, you could do it with a snap of a finger. If you wanted to have complete control over your emotions, you could do it in a blink of an eye. If you wanted to get rid of fear, you could do it right away without any hindrance.

That’s the power that comes with perceiving everything as a skill. To be fair, it will not happen in a ‘blink of an eye’ but your excellence at a skill is destined to become your reality once you really grasp the dynamics of skill acquisition.

  • Pathway to Embrace This World and Your Life.

In actuality, this is a soothing by-product of the previous point. With new possibilities comes the calm, collected and composed approach that you spontaneously adopt towards life. It almost feels as if you have grabbed the world in a comforting fist due to the understanding of the smallest mechanisms that run the deepest governing the life in it.

You start to love life for you truly become a person of your own will. You understand that the aspects of your personality in which you struggle are a result of your own lack of effort. On the other hand, you know that the facets that you want to see become a permanent part of you can be made your reality once you think of them as –well you know now- art.

  • A Multi-dimensional Personality.

Being multidimensional means that there is no one word sufficient enough for you to be associated with. A single category or even a few more are not enough for you to be defined with. It also means that you’re able to expand your skill acquisition power over different areas in life that apparently have no connection among each other e.g., technical skills such as dealing with computers or machinery; physical skills that involve your physical strength; mental skills such as strong memory, robust willpower etc.

One can be blessed with such power only by considering everything as a skill. Wielding such influence over various dimensions of life can instill in you a level of unmatched confidence that although, would be inspiring, it wouldn’t be easily replicated.

A related point of huge importance is the actual ability to identify the smallest of the behaviors, traits as something that is possible to be changed for good i.e., a skill. Lost in the daily rut of life, one can easily overlook numerous personality characteristics that can actually be improved but only after one realizes them as something with the potential to be turned into a personal strength. You can actually do that by constantly feeding your mind with the statement at the start of this piece.


Now that you have grasped the idea of art and the implications this belief can have on your life, let’s take the idea further down the road to talk briefly about the skill acquisition process. Hopefully, we will discover a few more insights together, before wrapping it up.

To acquire a skill, the rational perspective says, there is a specific framework at play. We need to realize that it’s the same recurring pattern when it comes to developing your art, practicing and acquiring a new skill. Befriend the process and make the grind effortless for you.

It doesn’t mean that the achievement itself becomes easy but, instead, that you get used to the difficulty of the struggle.

Consider the following two points as fundamental guidelines to help you take through the process of making an attempt to master an art, or want to raise a certain skill of yours to at least a level that is respected by the people around you:

  • Skill Acquisition: A Time Consuming Activity.

When you start out with anything that is fairly new to you, it will take a considerable period of time to build up on your understanding of the topic. It is only with the passage of time, assuming you put in the required amount of effort into honing the skill during this time, that you will be able to see tangible improvement.

What actually happens to the vast majority of people is that they set a goal or a skill to achieve, they would probably even start out fervently, only to get washed up over time letting the tediousness of the process to get the best of them.

The most prominently effective solution to this has been laid in the first paragraph of this heading. It is to really wrap your head around the fact that the grind and the process is meant to test your resolve. Also, it is only sensible to assume that you will be faced with much difficulty in the initial stages and, consequently, it will take you some time to overcome this difficulty and achieve a level of comfort with the skill.

So the next time you decide to try out something new, stay put and expect trouble to last for a significant duration of time until you nail down the fundamentals successfully.

  • Correlation Between Sacrifice and Reward.

It’s unfortunate how something so simply understood gets overlooked far too often, so mercilessly. It’s a self-justified insight, according to the rational perspective, demanding you to get it imprinted on your mind. Never forget the fact that the amount of sacrifice and hard work required from you to learn a skill directly correlates with the prestige of that skill i.e., the reward that you will be able to reap once you master it.

We all tend to forget this idea when we let fear and doubt conquer our will.

What happens is that people get overwhelmed by the process, not realizing that trouble is inevitable whenever you take on a new challenge. It is in that very moment that you’re supposed to get a hold of yourself, take a step back and remind yourself that the fruits of the struggle outweigh the intensity of the struggle itself.

The fact that this phase is difficult is driven simply by two factors:

1) It is a new skill so it’s only justified that the initial stages are hard to tackle.

2) The worth of mastering a new skill demands respect. This initial struggle is actually the respect that you give to that skill, asking for attaining excellence at it in return.

So, this is apparently the secret, albeit explained briefly here, that can take you places. Take all the things that you do in your life as an art. Stay determined, stay consistent, put in the effort to improve and reap the reward. Again, one must not forget that all this is easier said than done. Something that is simple to understand but difficult to implement as described in the last article.

Look at and analyze yourself. You want to accomplish something but you leave it a couple of days into it as you’re faced with annoying complexities. What you fail to realize in that moment is that it’s what makes the process whole and that you can’t escape from it if you really want to live a fulfilled life. The beauty of it is that you only have to use this concept for just one of the skills that you think is difficult for you to acquire. Once you muster up all the courage and power within you giving your all to achieve it and eventually witness its manifestation in your reality, you’d get attuned with your inner giant, you’d set a precedence, for your future self to follow, that will help you repeat this process over and over again helping you acquire increasingly bigger and much more rewarding skills.

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