Understanding Insecurity.

Perfectionism is something that is chased by a lot and attained by none. It is a never ending struggle that makes for an unmistakable recipe of frustration and exhaustion. Human personality can never be perfect which means that there will always be some areas, in fact more than a few, where a person would find himself lagging behind others. Same is the case is with those people who are better than you in some aspects that they are not at par with you in other areas.

Development of these qualities and turning your weak points into strengths takes time and energy. One must distribute his time and energy diligently among these areas to see the best possible results for himself. In this scenario, one question logically arises: What should be those areas of personality where one should spend more of his energy and time to develop than others?

The answer to this question is understandably dependent on a given personality and thus, no sweeping statement could be used here as a fitting response. Still, there are some characteristics that one just can’t turn a blind eye to, both in terms of developing them or getting rid of them.

What we are going to do in this text piece is talk about one of the characteristics that we all must disassociate our personalities from, one trait that has the potential to adversely impact the rest of your personality and that must be eradicated, chopping it off by its roots and locked so far away where it can never reach back to haunt you again.

Eliminating the element of insecurity from your very existence is not only beneficial for your own good but also for humanity at large. Treat yourself from the curse or let it become viral, inflicting its damage on you and your surroundings.

Kiss Achieving Your Potential Goodbye.

Anything rife with insecurities remains stagnant for all its eternity. A single person or as a part of a society or even a nation that has a habit of not tackling their insecurities and letting it getting the best of them every time will never progress and prosper.

Insecurity itself is a curse but what is equally menacing is its extending effect that it has over other personality traits as well. An insecure person who stays as such for a significantly long period of time would never change and when he does, it would be close to negligible or something that would happen a bit too late.

So, if you let your insecurities dwell around you, you might as well kiss a positive change goodbye once and for all.

Shattered Confidence.

Confidence is primarily a function of your own perspective on your experiences, what you learn from them and implementing those lessons in your own personality. Confidence also necessitates a person to establish a proper connection with his inner real self. It, furthermore, requires one to face his worst possible side in order to effectively control it.

All of this is not possible if one is not prepared to confront the darkness that lies at the core of every personality. It is not possible to attain that higher level of contentment with oneself by refusing to come to terms with his insecurities.

Just like what has been said at the very beginning, weaknesses are inevitable and unavoidable in a human personality. What one must do is to not let them turn into insecurities. To keep your mental strength in the most difficult of times, which breeds confidence, demands a person to make a myth out of his insecurities.

Slave to Lying

From observational experience, it is apparent to me, as it must be to you as well, that insecurity leads one to lie to the world and to his own self. The truth haunts an insecure person at every corner and to put a garb on the reality he doesn’t want to face, he uses the instrument of lies and deception to temporarily satisfy his own self.

It should be a matter of common sense knowledge that such a flawed strategy only leads ultimately to eternal doom. Along that path, there comes a point of no reversal and that is something that one should remain wary of.

Lying your way through life never has solved any problems but only paints for the person a picture that is far from reality. This, quite appropriately, brings us to the next point in discussion.

A World of Delusion

The thing about succumbing to insecurity is that it is a downward spiral right from the very beginning. The moment you let your guard down and allow insecurity to infuse with your personality, you feel going deeper down the hole. If not controlled in time, the point of no return, as talked about previously, is achieved.

The insecurities pile up one after another in a snowball effect and spread its effects on your perspective of life like a chain reaction. With all the lies and deceit that you let yourself go through from with all the insecurities, you start to create a world of your own. You start living in that fool’s paradise, crafted by your very own insecurities. Eventually, you become an addict to this false reality, all because you can’t muster up the courage to face your insecurities and eliminate them.

Defensive Conversations

Much of the conversation in an insecure nation, society and between people is inclined towards being defensive, rather than being actually fruitful and productive. Every other opinion that is deemed somewhat extraordinary or creative, suffers at the hands of insecurity carried by the people in the conversation. At the end of these conversations, you realize that nothing new has been learnt, achieved or found out but only insecurities have been fed to grow even stronger.

This is what the curse of insecurity holds for each and every one of us. Now, a perfectly secure personality is not possible to exist either. The very act of declaring oneself as completely devoid from insecurities is a reflection of insecurity itself. Perfection is never possible but what matters is the journey into the right direction that ensures improvement, even a gradual one. Expose your own self, uncover your deepest insecurities and find out the causes behind them and strive to eventually create peace with them.  It is the only way you can achieve real fulfillment, profound satisfaction and formidable confidence among other innumerable benefits.

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