I need to get my message across to all of you with supreme clarity for which I’m going to be a bit elaborative.

Right from the outset, I find it imperative to make it clear that the ultimate purpose of the blog is to introduce something of value and, as a consequence of it, bring a meaningful change in your life.

Despite the fact that I would feel immense joy and pleasure in sharing my thoughts and ideas about a multitude of concepts, what would surely be more satisfying for me would be for the audience to feel a refreshing change, a refinement of perspectives. Ultimately, a profound change of mindsets is expected but we’re not impatient for that, nor does it ever come through haste anyway.

I came up with a variety of different titles for this blog but each one of them contained the word ‘rationality’. This fact should make it clear that the change in mindsets that I mentioned above is primarily related to this one aspect: understanding and utilizing the power of reason in forming our opinions about everything that we come into interaction with in our lives.

But before I make this place sound more like only a philosophers’ den, I also find it necessary to mention here that we will have discussions here about every other issue and it would be anything but mundane.

Together, we will talk about books, business, economy, human behavior, philosophy, personal development, free thinking and entertainment among other topics that would be deemed worthy of a productive conversation. I will present my views in hopes of stirring up a discussion that will, hopefully, end up in rational learning (which is the most sound way of learning) for each and every one of us. What I will strive for is to help you learn, and also learn myself in the process, something that will have a strong impact on our own lives and, consequently, on the society as a whole (whichever it may be).

In other words, the overarching theme that you will see running throughout is: to facilitate personal growth in multiple dimensions through the rational perspective on life (encompassing numerous facets). Beware though that this is more than just self-help.

This community is about setting out to explore the world with intense curiosity and keen interest. It is the perspective, driven purely by the will to find truth as opposed to seeking refuge in self-righteousness, that will help us get closer to our mission by the turn of each day.

This is what I envision for The Rational Perspective to achieve. What I would hate, and I am purposefully using the word, is for this journey to be hindered by the confines of conventional thinking, geographical boundaries and other baseless restrictions. I will seriously and sincerely contribute to this world through this humble endeavor in an attempt to see a reciprocal practical improvement in your life, regardless of its magnitude.

Now, I’d just like to take a pledge from each and every one of you reading this text. A pledge of commitment towards becoming the best version of yourself using multiple resources available to you, of which this website is just a part. Of course, we are also going to keep spicing up the process throughout this journey with more than a few extras regularly.

What I can assure you is that each piece of content here will have something in it for your practical benefit. If you’re serious about improvement in yourself and your vicinity, want to make the most of this beautiful life and are not fond of blaming and complaining, then you’re right where you want to be.

Let the transformation begin!

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