The internet and print media is overflowing with tons of counsel on personal development, self-improvement, achieving your potential and all the subcategories like setting goals, having a vision, learning from failures, increasing your will power, believing in yourself and so on and so forth. With countless volumes written and online content published on the topic, […]

INITIATION It’s not a revelation for the larger part of the readers here that our thoughts shape up our actions. How affirmative, intense and clearly defined your thoughts are determine the impact your actions will produce. Apart from the intensity of your thoughts, what directs the course of your practical action is the composition of […]

Like everything valuable and worth attaining, being satisfied truly deserves a considerable effort towards its achievement. But before we really get into it, let’s make a clear distinction between satisfaction and complacency. To strive for satisfaction we do not, by any measure, mean being complacent. Complacency kills one’s lively spirit long before the natural destined […]

Book Review: “The Intelligent Investor”

Here is the first edition of reviews on The Rational Perspective and what better way to inaugurate than to have a book review on possibly the greatest book specifically on securities investment ever produced. The book is authored by Benjamin Graham who has been revered highly by the investing giant of present age, Warren Buffet, […]

This is one of my personal favorite ideas by virtue of the potential, that I believe, it contains to reform a being provided its core meaning is understood properly. The greatest hoax ever pulled off on humankind by its own self is defining something absolutely. The practice of putting definitive descriptions, stating bottom-line declarations and painting […]

‘Every action has an equal and opposite reaction’, is the irrefutable law of nature and as far as TRP goes, so is the following: Your entire existence is a function of all your consumption. What you consume is what you become. What is more easily understood, or at least, more commonly fully realized is what is […]

Let me, first and foremost, put things in perspective for you with one of my favorite quotes: “Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” – Santayana Ah, what a marvel of a quote! Powerful in its expression, strong in its impact and profound in its message. The fact that it holds […]

Let me bring your attention to this idea that carries potentially huge implications on your life. What if I told you that with this one rule, once engraved permanently in your mind, you will never feel the fear of failure again? The success of the rule is stipulated on the degree with which you come to […]

Before going through the following piece, you need to know that this kind of discussion is not everyone’s cup of tea. It could be dense for some (but not for others) and requires a unique approach to it. Having said that, enjoy reading! Human morality has always remained a very fascinating concept to me. The interesting dichotomy […]

I have always held the view that nurturing himself/herself should always be a person’s top priority. It is only through pursuit of excellence in every facet of one’s personality that a person can hope to be of value to other people around him. But what is the thing that is, or at least should be, […]

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