Life consists of a continually evolving set of elements. It is difficult to carry the nuts and bolts of planning of one facet of life into another and yet, there are certain principles that have the potential to be an everlasting support system that is not dependent on anybody else but yourself. One such eternal philosophy […]

The entire humankind is suffering from a condition that seems to be a result of an apparently permanent curse. It has rendered societies motionless as time has passed on, blocked the avenues for intellectual progress and has simply made a fool out of countless unfortunate beings. It is the curse of self-righteousness and we are […]

Perfectionism is something that is chased by a lot and attained by none. It is a never ending struggle that makes for an unmistakable recipe of frustration and exhaustion. Human personality can never be perfect which means that there will always be some areas, in fact more than a few, where a person would find […]

As far as TRP philosophy goes, there are not more than a few ideas than can be afforded to be termed as absolutely certain. Life itself is multidimensional and to take things for what they apparently seem to be is a strategy bound to leave your mind enclosed. Such is also the case with inner […]

There are things, in fact most of them, that are taken for granted in our lives, when we consider them to be quite obvious. In doing so, we indirectly incapacitate ourselves to get the maximum out of such ideas. Experiences are one of those exact unfortunate concepts that are of vital importance in our lives […]

The internet and print media is overflowing with tons of counsel on personal development, self-improvement, achieving your potential and all the subcategories like setting goals, having a vision, learning from failures, increasing your will power, believing in yourself and so on and so forth. With countless volumes written and online content published on the topic, […]

INITIATION It’s not a revelation for the larger part of the readers here that our thoughts shape up our actions. How affirmative, intense and clearly defined your thoughts are determine the impact your actions will produce. Apart from the intensity of your thoughts, what directs the course of your practical action is the composition of […]

Like everything valuable and worth attaining, being satisfied truly deserves a considerable effort towards its achievement. But before we really get into it, let’s make a clear distinction between satisfaction and complacency. To strive for satisfaction we do not, by any measure, mean being complacent. Complacency kills one’s lively spirit long before the natural destined […]

‘Every action has an equal and opposite reaction’, is the irrefutable law of nature and as far as TRP goes, so is the following: Your entire existence is a function of all your consumption. What you consume is what you become. What is more easily understood, or at least, more commonly fully realized is what is […]

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