It is a marvelous sight to watch life develop itself along with the passage of time. The complexity and ironic simplicity indeed proves to provoke intense thought process. It opens up a multitude of avenues for endless learning, supported by your ability to catch the underlying trends and to find the principles, waiting to be […]

It’s the argument of the weak, the most frequently floated around and the most commonly put forth. It attacks you from all sides regularly. The frequency with which it crosses your paths is so high that, over time, you would find yourself become increasingly susceptible to mistake it for a friendly thought, a harmless idea. But The Rational Perspective […]

As far as TRP philosophy goes, there are not more than a few ideas than can be afforded to be termed as absolutely certain. Life itself is multidimensional and to take things for what they apparently seem to be is a strategy bound to leave your mind enclosed. Such is also the case with inner […]

This is one of my personal favorite ideas by virtue of the potential, that I believe, it contains to reform a being provided its core meaning is understood properly. The greatest hoax ever pulled off on humankind by its own self is defining something absolutely. The practice of putting definitive descriptions, stating bottom-line declarations and painting […]

Before going through the following piece, you need to know that this kind of discussion is not everyone’s cup of tea. It could be dense for some (but not for others) and requires a unique approach to it. Having said that, enjoy reading! Human morality has always remained a very fascinating concept to me. The interesting dichotomy […]

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