Life consists of a continually evolving set of elements. It is difficult to carry the nuts and bolts of planning of one facet of life into another and yet, there are certain principles that have the potential to be an everlasting support system that is not dependent on anybody else but yourself. One such eternal philosophy […]

With this post, I am going to muster up the audacity to share my thoughts on the topic that is naturally far too complex to be made sense of easily. There is so much misinformation about the idea of love that all the genders seem to be in a state of utter confusion regarding it. […]

The entire humankind is suffering from a condition that seems to be a result of an apparently permanent curse. It has rendered societies motionless as time has passed on, blocked the avenues for intellectual progress and has simply made a fool out of countless unfortunate beings. It is the curse of self-righteousness and we are […]

It is a marvelous sight to watch life develop itself along with the passage of time. The complexity and ironic simplicity indeed proves to provoke intense thought process. It opens up a multitude of avenues for endless learning, supported by your ability to catch the underlying trends and to find the principles, waiting to be […]

Perfectionism is something that is chased by a lot and attained by none. It is a never ending struggle that makes for an unmistakable recipe of frustration and exhaustion. Human personality can never be perfect which means that there will always be some areas, in fact more than a few, where a person would find […]

Let me, first and foremost, put things in perspective for you with one of my favorite quotes: “Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” – Santayana Ah, what a marvel of a quote! Powerful in its expression, strong in its impact and profound in its message. The fact that it holds […]

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