Use This Rule To Never Feel Failure Again!

Let me bring your attention to this idea that carries potentially huge implications on your life. What if I told you that with this one rule, once engraved permanently in your mind, you will never feel the fear of failure again? The success of the rule is stipulated on the degree with which you come to absorb it making it a permanent part of your life. So The Rational Perspective says:

Remember, every situation is a win-win for you. Remember, an event or an incident itself never drives the outcome but only what you take away from it. I rephrase it: everything that happens to you is powerless. Every circumstance, inherently, is nothing more in its impact than what you allow it to be.

That, my friends, is the simplest way of putting the rule which, otherwise, can be explored eternally for the levels of meaning it contains are countless. I hope for you to embark on that voyage of exploration soon enough and let the TRP community know about the experience.

Now take a look at the heading for this post again. Never ‘Feel’ Failure. Facing failure and feeling failure are two separate things. Setbacks in the shape of failures will keep coming at you and you have to make up your mind to face the inevitable. But never should you let it falter your momentum. It’s having the right mindset that will help you make the most of such experiences rather than get stomped down by them.

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