A Short Look Into The Rationality of Love.

With this post, I am going to muster up the audacity to share my thoughts on the topic that is naturally far too complex to be made sense of easily. There is so much misinformation about the idea of love that all the genders seem to be in a state of utter confusion regarding it. The inner confusion of the mind over the idea of love is carried over into one’s love life in the form of outstanding contradictions. It is quite an easy task to find such lives around you that are evidently in shambles in terms of the status of ‘love’ between the two people. Such is the intensity of the contradictions and misconceptions that it warrants a rational analysis of the idea of love. The eventual aim here is for the reader to gain as much insight as he or she can from this text and hopefully, actually benefit from the observations and analysis presented below.

To start it off, let us move to an important element about love to grasp which is that love is anything but what the mainstream depiction presents it to be. If anything could be learnt from such a portrayal that is wrapped in fantasy, it would be to realize how exactly opposite it actually is to that portrayal. Just like with any phenomena, we naturally tend to be driven by our emotional impulses in order to find our conclusions about the idea of love. We like to believe, and this especially goes for the fairer sex, that love is some sort of a work of fate and that each and every person is destined to meet another person especially made for him or her.

Although this idea may feel quite tempting to fall for, one would easily become confused when the truth becomes apparent and the universe gives that person a harsh reality check.  Real love is riddled with imperfections. It’s a common mistake to get overwhelmed by the representation of love in the literature, art and other media and believe that love is something esoteric. Instead, love is like any other worldly concept or any other feeling that we humans experience. To term love as a larger than life idea is a mistake that actually disappoints people eventually.

With this conclusion comes another important part of love, and the element that is mostly overlooked, which is that of the struggle that is an essential part of the entire process. While we generally fool ourselves into thinking that love is only a joyful ride, quite often we ignore the fact that to actually get the most out of this feeling requires a practical approach supported by solid hard work. One must understand the universal law that the required amount of effort to understand and actually apply an idea in your life is directly proportional to the inherent (or natural) level of prestige and value that certain idea possesses. In this case, one must work really hard to materialize the fruits of love.

This very notion of putting in the effort as an essential requirement to reap rewards of love debunks the viewpoint that love is some sort of a surreal feeling. It necessitates as much unshakable resolve to translate the emotions of love into a healthy life as is required by any extraordinary practical achievement. Thus, at best, love is an appealing manifestation of intense human emotions ignited by primal biological triggers and that too lasting absolutely temporarily, if not supported by sincere effort.

To conclude it all, let us turn to the brighter side of things as I’m sure that if you are a real believer of love as the world mostly comes to think of it, you must have been disappointed by a bit of ideas described above. It would be an insensible move to infer from the viewpoints presented above that love is not a refreshing feeling to experience. What really needs to be concluded here is that it is only the most rational approach to love that will actually ascend this idea, possibly to the heights close to the unreal representation of it found in your favorite novels.


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  1. hrabbasii

    November 21, 2016

    Interesting topic. Appreciate if more topics related to this stuff will upload here.

    I would like to share my though here that “The passenger of the ship cannot see the sea”.

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