Absolute Definition Is a Hoax

This is one of my personal favorite ideas by virtue of the potential, that I believe, it contains to reform a being provided its core meaning is understood properly.

The greatest hoax ever pulled off on humankind by its own self is defining something absolutely. The practice of putting definitive descriptions, stating bottom-line declarations and painting an idea with the brush of indisputable conclusiveness is what we, as entire specie, are so shamelessly guilty of.

There are always multiple dimensions to an idea. There is the favor, the against and then there is the gray area that we seem to blindly ignore as if it didn’t ever exist. We apparently seem to prefer living in the falsehood of absoluteness, probably in hopes of finding comfort and solace which, of course, is an illusion itself.

I call it a hoax because that’s what we are fed all our lives: to accept every idea with supreme belief. However, the reality of things is anything but believable with absolute certainty.

The great German philosopher Nietzsche once said:

Convictions are the greatest enemies of truth – Nietzsche

It is the disease of misplaced convictions that is found at the origin of absolute definition. What it does is that it presents a shallow concept of the world which is extremely limited and thus, disastrous in its consequences if believed in with –you know what- strong convictions.

A basic fear that sets the course for this flawed line of thinking, ultimately leading to conclusions that are completely fragile on multiple levels, is that of facing a reality that has been in the hiding since forever; the reality that has been buried under the garb of secure illusion of civilization. A reality that is so obvious, yet appears so arcane that it makes immensely difficult for a human to accept it and eventually gets to a point where admission of reality becomes a virtual impossibility.

A state of refusal to acknowledge a natural existence overwhelms the brain which, subsequently, initiates for the person a journey rife with inherently dangerous delusions. The unfortunate part of the story is that these delusions, in our pitiful minds, are in competition with constant feed of illusory enticements. It renders the weak willed brain to submit which ends up with the human getting humbled by the onslaught of these powerful illusions.

What follows after that is an utterly sad state of affairs. A human being once oozing unlimited potential to witness the rational perspective becomes an unavoidable disappointment for the rest of his eternity. He finds himself robbed off his natural ability to go beyond the apparently understandable notions of reality. Now he is enslaved by the fabricated perspective while the true face of reality is locked up deep inside the forgotten case, the keys to which have evaporated into thin air.

Let’s put a period to it (for now). The Rational Perspective concludes:

Absolute definition is a sure-fire way to fall into a sickening inescapable oblivion, to step into a one-way portal that leaves you in an irreversible form of existence.  It leads to absolute beliefs making one foolishly reject any opposition to it. This mindset is not only an epitome of ignorance but also reflects blinding naivety.

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